Hail, Virginal wisdom; hail, mansion of God, Where sevenfold pillars befit his abode. All stately without and all perfect within, He chose Him a dwelling undarkened by sin; For even before your miraculous birth you were free from the stain that has sullied the earth. Mother of all saints Living and dead, New star that shone Over Israel's head. Sovereign of angels, Terror of hell, Be you our refuge, Who love you so well. ~ In His Holy Spirit He created Her And exalted Her above all His works.

Morning Prayer

Evening Prayer

The Three Hail Marys

Marian Poetry

The Most Holy Rosary of The Blessed Virgin Mary

How to pray The Rosary

The Fifteen Promises of the Virgin Mary to those who recite the Rosary

The Little Office of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Litany to our Lady

Seven Sorrows of our Lady

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