How To Pray (say) The Rosary

"The Rosary is the compendium of the entire Gospel" (Pope Paul VI approving a quote from Pope Pius XII).

"The Gospel has a message and the Rosary is its pulpit. The content of the Gospel is the essence of the Rosary And the Rosary is the Gospel cast in prayer. The Mysteries urge the mind to think; Without thought, the Rosary loses meaning". (Dominican Fathers of the The Rosary Confraternity)

The Most Holy Rosary of The Blessed Virgin Mary consists of fifty-nine beads, a center piece, and a crucifix. Fifty-three of the fifty-nine beads are called the "Aves", or "Ava Maria" (Hail Mary) beads. The remaining six are called the "Paters" or "Pater Noster" (Our Father) beads.

Referring to the graphic below, when praying the Rosary one begins with the Crucifix (1) and prays The Apostles' Creed. After this, the Our Father is prayed on the first bead (2) up from the Crucifix. Next (3) is said three Hail Mary's on the three beads following the first Our Father. Then (4) the Glory Be To The Father is prayed after the last of the three Hail Marys. When this is done you are now ready to begin praying the decades. The last bead in this set (5) is the first Pater bead in the beginning of praying the first decade. On each Pater we anounce the mystery we will be praying, then offer up the Our father. Next (7) begins the ten Hail Marys of the first decade. After each decade the Glory Be To The Father and the Fatima prayer is prayed. (8) begins the Pater Noster before the second decade. This method is repeated throughout the rest of the Rosary. Once the fifth decade is prayed along with the last Glory Be and Fatima prayer, the Hale Holy Queen is prayed and we finish with "Let us pray". Each of these prayers will be found in the Rosary section of this website in each of the Four Mysteries of The Rosary.

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